Access point vendors recommend APs be placed horizontally for optimum performance, something tricky to achieve in areas where wall mounting is the best available option, and even more difficult to achieve without cables visible to the public.


Oberon’s newly extended line of 1011 Series H-Plane™ right-angle AP mounts solve both of these issues, with mounting features for Cisco and Aruba APs and a universal T-Bar to accommodate most other vendors’ APs.

The 1011 Series AP mount makes it easy to mount the AP in the preferred horizontal orientation. When the mount is attached to the wall, the AP can be installed to the bottom of the mount, at a right-angle to the wall and horizontal to the floor.

The H-Plane™ right-angle mounting bracket also has a hinged, snap-down cover and sidewalls to help conceal cabling. The mount can be placed directly over the data outlet, and it also offers knockouts on two sidewalls for 1 in. trades size conduit connectors.

Aesthetically, the angled body of the mount provides a professional, sleek appearance. A recent addition to the 1011 Series has made the 1011 available in black, an option highly requested for locations where the equipment should “disappear” into dark walls or ceiling beams. Black vanity covers for the AP, virtually transparent to wireless signals, are available for select models in the 1011 Series.

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Oberon Model 1011-00-BK


Right-Angle Wi-Fi Access Point Wall Mount for Most AP Models / Black

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 1011-00-BK-AP-CVR


Right-Angle Wi-Fi Access Point Wall Mount for Most AP Models / Black

Spec Sheet