Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Oberon, Inc. announced the new Model 1013-COVER, the latest in the company’s line of wall-mounted access point mounting solutions.

When business depends on the free flow of wireless data throughout an organization, ensuring physical security and compliance with industry guidelines become key factors in network design.

The new Model 1016 stores a variety of wireless networking components in an aesthetic, RF-transparent, wall-mountable enclosure.

Model 1065-CCOAP provides physical security to wireless access points, helping installations meet industry guidelines.

Sealed against water and dust intrusion, the 1028 series helps to keep wireless access points, DAS remote units, and public safety equipment safe when it is most needed.

Oberon is pleased to announce the addition of new Manufacturer Representative firms covering a variety of regions in the United States:

Oberon is pleased to introduce Jeff Doyle as new National Sales Director.

The Model 1074-04 provides a plenum-rated solution to mounting telecommunications equipment where it is most needed.

Sealed against water and dust intrusion, the Model 1058-08 is designed to NEMA 4 standards.

From wireless access points to the Apple TV®, the Model 1015-00 secures networking equipment in high-traffic, high-visibility areas.