A wide variety of secure, convenient, aesthetic mounting solutions are available for use with Cisco's recently announced wireless access points.

Enclosures Provide Secure, Convenient, Aesthetic Mounting Solutions for Wireless Access Points

NEMA-Rated Access Point Enclosures Make High-Demand Outdoor Wireless Access Point Installations Simple and Secure.

Oberon, Inc. has announced a new, free Android app available for download on Google Play. DOT11 Mobile™ is designed to permit fast, real-time assessment and graphing of a device's RF connectivity.

Enclosures Provide Secure, Convenient, Aesthetic Housing for Wireless Access Points.

Extreme Networks new Altitude 4620 dual radio 802.11n access point features thin and adaptive configurations for campus-wide deployments, distributed worksites, and remote branch offices. The access points feature advanced 802.11n radio technology, plug-and-play installation, and 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE).

New Model 1066 Suspended Ceiling Enclosure Offers Physical Security, Aesthetic Appearance.

When Oberon, Inc. introduced the Model 1070 Mounted Zone Telecommunications Enclosure in October of 2009, the idea intrigued the networking community.

Today at Cisco Live, Cisco's annual IT and communications conference, Oberon, Inc. presented new additions to its line of secure, convenient, aesthetic enclosures and mounting solutions for wireless access points and telecommunications equipment.

MCiS leads Military Health System in the global delivery of flexible and efficient cyberinfrastructure services with the support of Oberon's in-building structured cabling and wireless voice and data network infrastructure products.