Oberon’s New 104X Series Wireless Access Point Mounting Solutions - Security, Aesthetics, and Convenience in Any Type of Building Environment

Oberon’s new 104X Series wireless access point mounting solutions provide a cost effective solution sought by wireless and cabling professionals. End customers demand installations which secure the wireless equipment, provide superior wireless performance, and more importantly than ever, do not degrade the appearance of architecturally sensitive ceilings and walls. New “high density” Wi-Fi designs require a large number of closely space Wi-Fi access points spread throughout every part of the facility, inside and outside, emphasizing the requirement for aesthetics and economy.

pdfOberon 104X Series Guide

Commonly, end customers find dangling the Wi-Fi access point from the ceiling grid to be unacceptable in appearance and physical security. Throwing the access point above the ceiling is unacceptable from the standpoint of performance and maintenance. Oberon’s new 104X Series wireless access point mounting solutions easily install much like recessed lighting, positioning the access point with much of the body recessed into the ceiling, with only the antenna face of the access point exposed to the room space. The result is the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance.

The new 104X Series is purpose built for economical installation of virtually all Wi-Fi access point vendors’ models, in every kind of room space, including:

  • Open, canopy, panel, and cloud ceilings
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Hard lid/wall environment, both new construction and remodeling

Oberon’s 104X Series are UL listed and provide the specific requirements for security, convenience, aesthetics, and code compliance in public buildings, schools, university campuses, and hospitals.