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Oberon Logo5 Model 39-HLA-PLATE
Bracket Accessory for Cisco Hyperlocation Antenna and Cisco 4800 series
Category: WiTile
Model 1011 with 39-HLA-PLATE

This accessory is designed to permit the Cisco 3800 series AP with Hyperlocation Antenna and Cisco 4800 series AP to be mounted on Oberon’s 1008 and 1011 right-angle brackets. These right-angle brackets mount and secure the AP and antenna in the preferred horizontal orientation. The 39-HLA-PLATE attaches directly to the Oberon right-angle bracket and permits the Cisco AP and antenna to be mounted in any direction, as required for proper angle of arrival performance.

Cisco Developer
Line drawing
Features & Benefits
  • Attaches to Oberon 1008 and 1011 right-angle brackets
  • Upgrade previously installed right-angle brackets for AP with hyperlocation antenna or 4800 series AP
  • Mount AP with Hyperlocation antenna or 4800 series AP in preferred horizontal orientation on the wall
  • Mount AP with Hyper location antenna or 4800 series AP in four directions
Technical Specifications
  • Construction: Galvanized steel


  • Mounting plate
  • Installation hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Documentation Links

Oberon symbol  Spec Sheet - oberoninc.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2246&Itemid=399

Additional Information

Oberon symbol For Oberon product CAD files, contact customer service

Configurations: Model 1008

Please specify configuration when ordering.

1008-00 - Color
BK: Black
WH: White
- Vanity Cover
(See Configurations)
SKU Vanity Cover Designed for AP Model
1008-00-BK N/A Cisco, Aruba and other vendors' APs
1008-00-BK-AP-COVER 33-AP-COVER Cisco and Aruba APs (except Cisco 3800 series)
1008-00-BK-AP335-COVER 33-AP335-COVER Aruba AP335
1008-00-BK-AP3800-COVER 33-AP3800-COVER Cisco 1830, 1850, 2800, 3800 series APs
1008-00-BK-MR53-COVER 33-MR53-COVER Meraki MR32, MR34, MR42 & MR53 APs
1008-00-WH N/A Cisco, Aruba and other vendors' APs

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