Modular Wireless Mounting Platform - M-Frame™

Oberon M Frame

Mounting Wi-Fi access points in industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces can be challenging and expensive. Oberon’s new M-Frame is a modular wireless mounting platform designed specifically to reduce access point and antenna installation time and cost in these challenging environments. The M-Frames facilitate cost-effective installation of APs and directional and omni-directional antennas from all leading vendors. Mounting options facilitate installation in most building constructions.

Learn more about the M-Frame in the Oberon Blog.
Read the press release announcing Oberon's acquisition of Mount Wireless, now Oberon M-Frame.

Attention Mount Wireless Customers - Effective January 1, 2019, all Mount Wireless products have become an Oberon M-Frame product. Oberon is supporting all current Mount Wireless SKUs with an Oberon SKU. For a cross reference from Mount Wireless to Oberon SKU number, please click pdfhere.
Oberon Model 1312-00Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount with no attachments
Oberon Model 1312-AM1Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount with External Omnidirectional Dual-Band Ceiling Antenna Use
Oberon Model 1312-AM2Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount with External (up to 4) Omnidirectional Single-Band Pipe Antenna Use
Oberon Model 1312-AM3Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount with External Directional Dual-Band Patch Antenna Use & Articulating Arm
Oberon Model 1312-RABUniversal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount with right-angle bracket

Oberon M Frame

Oberon offers a variety of mounting options for attaching the M-Frame Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount in almost any location and environment. M-Frame accessories can be used to modify existing M-Frame models when the mounting location changes, for example from a hanging ceiling installation to a wall-mounted placement.

Additionally, the Model 1312-00, the only M-Frame model without included attachment option, can be ordered when some or all of the AP mounting locations have yet to be determined. In this case, the attachment accessories can be purchased separately as needed.