M-Frame™ Accessories

Oberon M Frame

Oberon offers a variety of mounting options for attaching the M-Frame Universal Wi-Fi Access Point Mount in almost any location and environment. M-Frame accessories can be used to modify existing M-Frame models when the mounting location changes, for example from a hanging ceiling installation to a wall-mounted placement.

Additionally, the Model 1312-00, the only M-Frame model without included attachment option, can be ordered when some or all of the AP mounting locations have yet to be determined. In this case, the attachment accessories can be purchased separately as needed.

Oberon Model 39-1312-ACS


Adjustable Column Straps Mount for Model 1312 (up to 14 in. diameter)

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-AM1


Model 1312 Arm Attachment for Single External Omnidirectional Dual-Band Ceiling Antenna

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-AM2


Model 1312 Arm Attachment for Multiple (up to 4) External Omnidirectional Single-Band Ceiling Antennas

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-AM3


Model 1312 Arm Attachment for Single External Directional Dual-Band Patch Antenna, Pan and Tilt Articulation

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-CWA


Concrete Wall Anchor Mounting Kit for Model 1312

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-DOME


Clear Polycarbonate Dome for Model 1312

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-QCH


Quad Cable Hanger Mounting Kit for Model 1312(adjustable to 10 m./32 ft. length)

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-RAB


Bracket for Mounting Model 1312 Horizontally on a Vertical Surface

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-TRD


Threaded Rod Mounting Kit for Model 1312 (fasteners only, 3/8 in. rod and anchors not included)

Spec Sheet

Oberon Model 39-1312-UBC


Universal Beam Clamp Mounting Kit for Model 1312

Spec Sheet